The idea behind Olivocracy is to spread the love for Organic and Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
It all started from our agronomic and culinary tradition. The olive trees are part of our landscape, the olive harvest is a happy moment of Autumn and finally in November the new extra virgin olive oil arrives to our homes. When you have guests over for dinner, it is a great sign of hospitality to offer the best oil you have in the pantry as a final touch to every dish on the table.
It is quite normal for us to talk about the new oil and comment its peculiar taste.
We really want to spread this beautiful tradition, the extreme pleasure and fun of tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the expertise required to match it with the right dish and make the most out of our “green gold!”

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We would love to have a positive impact on the Planet.

Food production touches every single inhabitant of our world more than any other industry. Farming affects the planet’s health so we support production methods that are safe for the environment, the farmers (to avoid them being exploited by a rapacious industry and intoxicated by poisonous pesticides) and the consumers (as conventional farming methods can leave traces of unwanted substances in the food we eat).

We stand for a holistic approach to food production, caring for the soil and the air, promoting a fair treatment to the producers and bringing a top-quality, healthy product to the consumers.

We want to trigger a virtuous cycle where all the players benefit of each other’s choices.

That is why we bring you a selection of exquisite single estate Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oils to the UK that will take your dishes to the next level of taste.

Our Customers say
Testimonial Olive Oil
I love amazing food. I love the environment. I always say that what is really good for the palate has to be good for the planet. I chose Olivocracy Organic and Biodynamic extra virgin olive oils as the short chain is guaranteed, a fair treatment to farmers is a vital aspect of the company mission and above all, the EVOOs are produced in the utmost respect of the environment. I love the fact that Biodynamic farmers actually want to overcome the concept of low impact in favor of positive impact. I am a very versatile cook and after trying all the range, I have chosen to buy the multipack as any of them has its perfect match. Utterly scrumptious!
Rudson Environmentally Friendly Foodie
Testimonial Olive Oil
Feeding my family with the best food and preparing for them mouth-watering recipes have always been a priority for me, even when I was a full time worker. It is about preparing something delicious, made with top-quality ingredients and healthy at the same time. The real king of my kitchen pantry is the best organic extra virgin olive oil on the market. There is no dish coming out of my kitchen without organic extra virgin olive oil. I have tried all the range of Olivocracy EVOOs and whereas the more delicate #three and #four are a perfect match for milder flavours, my favourite are #one, with its pungent final, and #two for the intensity of the aroma. Unmissable.
Daniela Italian Mum and Kitchen Goddess

Passion, knowledge, transparency and harmony with nature are our producers’ key values.


They get the best from nature by being in harmony with its rhythm. Their products are non-GMO and only natural fertilizers are used. Top level of quality evolves from knowledge, wisdom, extensive research and the firm belief that nature has many gifts to offer.

They aim to prioritize the consumer’s needs in terms of quality and health benefits, over profit, over the logic of no-matter-what-the-consequences-on-the-environment-and-your-health-are.
Introducing the consumers to their top-of-the-range product(s) and the holistic production methods, the producers aspire to a better and broader understanding that the quality of the product and its health benefits are essentially linked to a transparent production chain of loving and expert processes that are respectful to the planet.

Their main objective and strongest motivation is to trigger a virtuous cycle, where all the players benefit from a close collaboration between humans and nature.

“Treat the earth well. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”