Olivocracy Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Event

We are excited to announce our first organic & biodynamic extra virgin olive oil tasting event!

It will be on Thursday the 9th of February at Papilles Frapas Bar, nearby Old Street Roundabout, at 7pm.

You know we love top quality Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it’s so delicious and healthy!

We want to spread the love and share with people a tip or two on how to recognise and appreciate an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This olive oil tasting experience is a chakra-opening experience, full of unknown sensations and new scenarios for your taste buds!
If you end up feeling awakened, welcome to the club!

After the tasting, you’ll continue chatting and moving with the other guests, to the rhythm of happy funky music, with a glass of french bubbles and nibbles.

You can buy the ticket here:

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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