Post-Easter Guilty-Free Chocolate

The next level of chocolate making!

This week Sunday Lab presents: “Easter is a thing of the past, cacao addiction is forever” 🙂

Chocolate is a good source of magnesium and also an endorphins boosters but some people is worried about increasing the size of their waistline because of it. Of course if you think about supermarket brands and fancy chocolate bars with three colours and 25 unutterable ingredients then they are right. But this, oh my God, is packed of good substances that your body will welcome as helpful friends and use as fuel to energise your day. Nothing to store in your love handles really!

For this recipe we recommend you use metal bowls and a food thermometer as we use the water bath method to melt ingredients in order to keep the temperature under 42ËšC degrees. This bit is especially relevant as chocolate, to be considered raw and maintain organoleptic characteristics and nutritional values intact, should never be heated above this temperature.

Ready? Let’s start!

(Organic) Ingredients:

Shave cacao liquor in a metal bowl then grind the nibs and sprinkle all over it. Add all the powders/dry ingredients (cinnamon, coffee powder, maca, cacao and salt) and then all the liquid parts (chilli oil, Olivocracy and rum).

Meantime water bath honey (or maple syrup for a vegan version) and tahini in a different bowl until it becomes a thick liquid, add it to the other ingredients and stir until it becomes a wet, dense mixture but not too liquid. Then water bath for 7/9 min and stir paying special attention to the bottom of the bowl in order to maintain the mixture uniform in density.

Around 38/40ËšC the mix has the right density. You can now pour it in moulds for pralines or on a plate if you prefer a bar.

Leave it at room temperature to cool and then put it in the fridge to solidify.

Keep 10 minutes outside the fridge before eating for best effect.

A day with chocolate is a happier day!

Lots of OliLove!

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