Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Experience

When you taste an extra virgin olive oil, you have to consider three parameters: fruitiness, pungency and bitterness.

  1. Fruitiness when referred to an extra virgin olive oil, can be either a fruit or a veggie note. Pour a couple of generous spoons in a small glass bowl, hold it in your hands to warm it up a little bit and stick your nose inside the bowl. Inhale deeply. You can either smell lemon, cinnamon, banana etc or artichokes, grass or olive itself, green or ripe. Take a generous sip of the oil, coat your mouth with it and try to identify sensations with different parts of your tongue and mouth. Suck some air in, producing a slurpy noise. Inhale through your nose and allow it to enjoy the aroma. The nose will give you a whole range of different flavours. Now you can swallow the oil. When it slides down your throat, you will be able to detect the pungency.
  2. Pungency is the second positive characteristic of an extra virgin olive oil. It is somewhat comparable to hotness of chilli and once you become acquainted to it, you will always look for it in an extra virgin olive oil. It can be either mild or strong enough to make you cough. Pungency is related to the polyphenols (extra virgin olive oil antioxidants) content. Finally there is the third positive characteristic of an extra virgin olive oil:
  3. Bitterness, also connected to the phenolic content. Green olives are bitter, so the earlier the harvest, the more bitter the taste. Quite often an early harvest is less generous in quantity but guarantees better quality.

I bet you want to experience the three coughs effect now! And see how bitterness can go hand in hand with fruitiness. In this case, I definitely recommend to try our biodynamic extra virgin olive oil #one and organic extra virgin olive oil  #two

Some people like it “sweeter”, that’s the reason why at Olivocracy we also offer milder organic extra virgin olive oils. The aim is choosing an oil with a beautiful aroma, often produced by a blend of different olive varieties (cultivar) and a low level of acidity, which is always guarantee of the utmost care in the production chain. Try the less bitter and pungent taste of our more delicate and fruity extra virgin olive oils #three and #four

The tasting experience will open the gate to new, extraordinary extra virgin olive oil and food combinations. For ideas, click on each product in the shop section to access the product description.

A lot of new recipes are coming soon!

Enjoy! 🙂


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