Why we chose biodynamic extra virgin olive oil.

How Biodynamics started.

Biodynamics is the first codified “environmentalist” movement and dates back to 1924, when Rudolph Steiner gave a series of lectures on agriculture, following the request of farmers who noticed degraded soil conditions and decreased crops’ quality as a consequence of the use of chemical fertilizers.

Core values of Biodynamic Farming

The essence of biodynamic farming is helping the land to reach its full potential, nurturing its biodiversity rather than maximizing the production at any cost. This can only happen if there is a balance between the needs of farming and those of the environment. A biodynamic farm is built on a constant interchange with Nature.

Self-sustaining Farm

The biodynamic farm is a self-sufficient organism where at least 50% of what it is needed to farm has to be produced in the farm itself. It is a diverse habitat, where different activities enhance and balance each other. The biodynamic farmers do not force the land to produce beyond its potential. They only enhance the potential through a regeneration of the soil, which becomes more resilient. The goal of the human activities is to return more than what is extracted.

Biodynamic is Regeneration

Whereas other forms of sustainable farming want to minimize the impact on the environment, biodynamic farming wants to have a positive impact on the environment. It aims to be regenerative and to maximize the health of soil and crops. They try to achieve this result through the use of manure, crop rotation, biodynamic preparations and nurturing biodiversity in the farm.

Biodynamic is Harmony

The elements of a Biodynamic farm work in harmony and flourish individually. Biodynamic farmers recognize the value of and nurture interdependence of natural processes. Working in harmony with nature includes following the moon cycles, constellations and planetary alignments.

The Biodynamic Logo

How to recognize Biodynamic Products: look for the Demeter logo.  Demeter was the Greek goddess of agriculture, fertility and abundance. Demeter is a worldwide recognized logo and guarantees standards meeting and exceeding organic standards.


“Biodynamics is a worldwide movement, practiced on every continent. There are currently more than 5000 farms worldwide on over 180,000 hectares in 54 countries. The UK is experiencing renewed interest in biodynamics, and more farms converting to Demeter (biodynamic) status every year. Currently there are 98 certified biodynamic enterprises (farmers and growers; vineyards; market gardens; processors and traders), though the total number of holdings practicing biodynamic methods is greater, especially among smallholders.”

Olivocracy is proud to be one of them!



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